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Dianabol 10mg 100 Tabs Malay Tiger

METAXON-10 has a strong anabolic effect which shows a quickly increase in strength and muscle mass. During the first weeks of using METAXON-10 it can be perceive increases of quality muscle of 1-2 kg and this effect preserves for 4-6 weeks. It is related with the fact that METAXON-10 augments significantly of appetite. For positive effects to prevent side effects of estrogen, it is recommended that METAXON-10 is taken with aromatase inhibitors. Consumers say that if they use vitamin D and calcium presents an increase in the efficiency of methandrostenolone. For beginners 5-15mg per day will bring an incredible improvement. Users include Methandienone principally in the bulking phase with Sustanon-250, and Decanol- 200 and STANOX-10.


CHEMICAL NAME: 17a-methyl-17b-hydroxy-1,4-androstadiene-3-one

HALF-LIFE: 4.5 - 6 hours



Methandrostenolon (or also methandienone) is substantially 17-alkylated derived of testosterone with a double link between the first and second carbon. It joints weakly to androgen receptors and then falls inside the steroids known as II. Type. Anyway it compensates for the longer half-life and faint affinity for SHBG (binding globulin to sex hormones). It is the most famous steroid and many athletes think is the best steroid ever created, it was known as the "Breakfast of Champions". It isn't an appropriate steroid for a definition period due to the high water retention. Nonetheless, it is the perfect substance for obtaining good strength and muscle mass in bulking phase.

Even though methandrostenolon is distinct from boldenone only by alkylation on the 17th carbon, at dosages of 20-30 mg daily, its collateral effects are more powerful. Even its sensitivity to aromatize is weaker than that of testosterone, the outcome estrogen 17a-methylestradiol is more powerful than estradiol. Water retention and high blood pressure are quite common also in low dosages. Taking Clomid or Nolvadex during the cycle can help by reducing these effects. Methandrostenolon is also 17-alpha alkylated composed, which is pretty toxic to the liver. At dosages above 10 mg per day causes an increment in liver function values. Though the use of methandrostenolone is generally related with positive feelings, in an elevated dosage (over 50 mg) it can result an increase of aggression.

This is used to limit protein catabolism after burns, difficult operations, in infectious and febrile illness. It is also combined with other drugs in the treatment of osteoporosis. For women with breast cancer and in Addison's disease. In children with growth retards in puberty and also merge with other drugs in the treatment of various chronic diseases.

Even Methandrostenolon across the action of 5-alpha reductase changes into a greatly potent 5-alpha dihydromethandrostenolon, the answer takes place in the human body only in a insignificant grade. Methandrostenolon is itself a bit androgenic, so in some cases there is a powerful acne and hair loss appears.

Taking Dianabol after a short time undermines own production of androgenic hormones, so after discontinuance, it normally gains 80-90% in volume and strength disappear. Actually a dosage of 15 mg daily for 8 weeks lead to athletes to drop of body testosterone at a dramatic 69%. Other studies show diminution of 30-40% in the body's testosterone after 10 days of treatment with dosages of 20 mg. After the treatment, it is therefore required to use the PCT.


Taking in consideration the short half-life of action in the organism (about 4.5 hours), which is lower at the date of exercise, the adequate consumption is 2-3 times a day. The therapeutic dosage is in the range of 2 - 8 mg daily for 6 weeks. For athletes an effective dosage intervals usually is between 15-30 mg daily. Intermediate and advanced users use 30-50 mg day. Professional bodybuilders use twofold the amount 80-100mg per day. A high dosage is frequently needless, besides carries an increased risk of effects against on the health of the body. Professional bodybuilders also a twofold amount of 80-100mg per day. When using methandienone, it is needed to use of herbal liver protection substances for its regeneration. Methandienone is not able to be detected in urine after about 2 months.

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