Dianabol 10mg 40 Tabs Baltic Pharma
Dianabol 10mg 40 Tabs Baltic Pharma
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Dianabol 10mg 40 Tabs Baltic Pharma

Dianabol 10mg 100 Tabs 


Dianabol gives muscle mass and strength quickly. This makes it popular among beginners and is often taken to kick start a long-acting cure. Dianabol is the strongest oral mass builder after Anadrol. It is suitable for a short oral course to quickly build mass and is often used to kick-start long-acting courses. Because Dianabol itself does not work via the androgen receptor, it can be combined very well with androgenic agents such as Winstrol for extra results.

Dianabol is one of the best steroids for explosiveness and muscle mass. In the days of Larry Scott, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Frank Zane, it was used extensively by bodybuilders, often in combination with testosterone, although the doses taken at that time were much lower than now.


Werkzame periode

6 tot 8 uur




20 tot 50 mg/dag, voor vrouwen 5 tot 10 mg/dag


Mogelijk, zeker bij hogere doses



Hoge bloeddruk


Beschadiging lever




DHT conversie


Onderdr. hormoonprod.

Ja, vooral bij hogere doses en lange kuren


Operation of Dianabol

Dianabol works lightly via the androgen receptor and therefore has a limited influence on your hormone balance. It has a major influence on protein synthesis in your body, promotes the recovery of glycogen levels after training and increases muscle strength in a very direct way. Because this (usually) oral steroid has also been modified to survive uptake by the liver, it is quite toxic to the liver, therefore this medicine may only be used for a short time. Methandrostenolone aromatizes strongly, so that the user can suffer from side effects due to estrogen, therefore it is not suitable for a cut cure. Dianabol is not suitable for endurance athletes because it reduces cell respiration and the number of red blood cells.


Use of Dianabol

Because dianabol gives muscle mass and strength quickly and works to a small extent through the androgen receptor and therefore does not compete with other substances for this receptor, it is very suitable to kick-start a course of long-acting products. It is therefore frequently used for this. The first 4-6 weeks of the course can be taken 20 to 40 mg dianabol per day. Dianabol can also be taken alone and in combination with primobolan or winstrol. Then 20 to 40 mg dianabol is normal for 6 to 8 weeks. Because dianabol is so toxic to the liver, it is better not to take it for a long time. To inhibit the side effects due to aromatization to estrogen, nolvadex or even arimidex can be taken with the dianabol. A follow-up treatment with nolvadex or clomid is needed to help build up the natural production of testosterone.


Side effects of Dianabol

Possible side effects are acne and oily skin, high blood pressure, water retention, prostatic hypertrophy. The testicles may also shrink temporarily at higher doses and / or long courses. Furthermore, gynecomastia can occur, especially in sensitive individuals. Some people may experience an increase in body hair and head hair loss. Femaleization can occur in women.


Dianabol cures

Dianabol only: a nice beginner cure with which surprising results in muscle mass and strength can be achieved

Winstrol with Dianabol: a somewhat heavier combination with dianabol for considerable muscle mass and strength

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