Testosterone Propionate 100mg/ml 10 x 1ml Ampoules Malay Tiger
Testosterone Propionate 100mg/ml 10 x 1ml Ampoules Malay Tiger
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Testosterone Propionate 100mg/ml 10 x 1ml Ampoules Malay Tiger

PROPIONATE-100 is product in base of Testosterone propionate. Propionate is the smallest ester among all esters (fatty acids), compared to a longer acting testosterone esters has a quickly start of action, which still visible after two days in a considerably stronger pump effect, enhanced training power, strength and increased appetite. The collateral effects are few than with testosterone esters with longer release, besides it doesn't cause a significantly water retention.

In the bulk phase, it is recommended PROPIONATE-100 be taken with ENANTHATE- 100, CYPIONAX-250, OXYNDROL, D-DUBOL and METAXON MIX. When there is a gain in quality long-term muscle mass and strength, it is recommended to be taken with a XANADROL, STANOX-10, TURINOX, MASTERON-100, TRENBOLONE ACETATE -100, 150, TRENHEXAL-76 and TRENOL-100 or PRIMOBOLAN-100.



CHEMICAL NAME: 4-androstene-3-one-17B-ol, 17beta-hydroxy-androst-4-en-3-one
HALF-LIFE: 4.5 days




Testosterone Propionate is one of many alterations of esterified testosterone and now is disposable on the market. It is an injection composed with a slower pace of release than testosterone itself without testosterone ester, but with a more rapid release than any other commercially available testosterone esters.

Non-esterified testosterone (testosterone ester-free) has a very brief half-life, so its utilization is neither convenient nor practical. Propionate ester extends half-life of testosterone to 4.5 days. Testosterone itself is considered to be the most natural and secure anabolic steroid, also is the most able to adapt as to its intended use in cures designed for definition as well as bulking period.

Testosterone is the building block of all anabolic steroids and it is a natural hormone produced by the body. It is produced by the testes and is responsible for the development or maintenance of a balanced primary and secondary sex characteristics in men, deepening of the voice, rapid growth of the hair (especially on the face, legs and pubis) and also for the creation of sperm for sexual reproduction.

Most of anabolic androgenic steroid are derivative from this hormone and are used for obtaining a better performance and to produce meaningful gains in strength and muscle mass.

The use of testosterone is related with dramatic and permanent increases of mass, size, strength, aggression, endurance of muscle and the capacity to realize an intensive workout. This hormone is essential for bone density, volume and muscle strength, sexual desire, body fat distribution, production of red blood cells and sperm production. Testosterone also is beneficial for osteoporosis prevention and is significant for physical health and wellbeing. Moreover, the hormone is helpful to encourage linear growth and bone maturation. It regulates cognitive and physical energy and also the conservation of muscle cells. Testosterone also has the capability to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Testosterone is consider to be created naturally in all humans and in most animal species and this is why testosterone is considered the safest anabolic steroid. The body of each person is already accustomed to the effects of testosterone.


Adverse effects of the abuse of testosterone propionate are lower and less frequent than with testosterone depot forms. In case of long-term use or abuse of major dosages there is a risk of appearance of massive acne, hair loss, increased body hair and deepening of the voice. The danger of gynecomastia, in spite of mild aromatizing, is reportedly least as damage on the liver. When consumers were using this product, water retention wasn´t reported in a significant way, many users in cycles point at augmentation of muscle mass. Besides aromatization and other collateral effects are less likely to state itself so clearly as when testosterone is with long esters. Even starting the production of own endogenous TST is faster than and not as demanding as the long esters. The obstacle of this testosterone is that it is required to be applying frequently to accomplish a stable level of testosterone in the blood. This is probably the principal reason why it is avoid by users that are starting. Many users oftentimes also complain of developing fever and sorrow at the injection site on the second day after application.

For beginners is recommended a dosage of testosterone propionate of 300-500 mg per week (75-125 mg every other day) in special to the first course of anabolic steroids. Even at the lowest dosage range it provides a dramatic optimization in figure and strength for beginners, but nutrition and preparation have to be tight and properly. Intermediate user dosage of testosterone propionate is of 500-700 mg per week (125-175 mg every other day). Advanced users use 700 - 1000 mg per week (corresponding to 175-250 mg every other day).The discovery of this substance according to available information is about 30 days.

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