Nuclear blast 200mg/ml 10 ml Vial Hard Core Labs Hardcorelabs
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Nuclear blast 200mg/ml 10 ml Vial Hard Core Labs Hardcorelabs

Nuclear explosion 200 mg / ml 10 ml vial

Nuclear explosion of Hardcorelabs is a mixture of 100 mg trenbolone enantate, 100 mg methandriol dipropionate and 150 mg testosterone enathate.
Trenbolone has its anabolic effect in the muscle cell in the action of the drug and protein synthesis.
The anti-catabolic system also works by preventing the production of cortisol.
Through this protein synthesis it can improve the absorption of nutrition and minerals, there is more rapid increase in muscle mass.

The reason that methandriol is added to the blend is that it has a synergistic effect with agents such as trenbolone and testosterone.
This means that it enhances the effect of this tool by its additional properties.


Active Period

Trenbolone enanthate: 8 to 14 days
methandriol dipropionat: 8 to 14 days
Testosteron enanthate: 15 to 16 days


Injectable solution in oil


Trenbolone enanthate: 300 to 600 mg/week
methandriol dipropionate: 100 mg 2 to 3 days
Testosteron enanthate: 250 to 1000 mg/week



Water retention


High bloodpressure


Beschadiging lever




DHT conversion


Subdr. hormone prod.





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