Sustanon 250 mg/ml 10 x 1ml ampoules Baltic Pharmaceuticals
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Sustanon 250 mg/ml 10 x 1ml ampoules Baltic Pharmaceuticals

Testosterone is the classic among the anabolics. It can be combined with many products and can thus be used for different purposes. In itself, it causes a large increase in muscle mass and muscle strength. Testosterone Enanthate only needs to be injected once a week and is therefore very user-friendly. When only Testosterone is used, it provides a lot of muscle mass and muscle strength. With the addition of Masteron and / or Trenbolone you gain lean muscle mass and muscle strength. Testosterone-only is a common beginner's cure. Addition of Deca or Boldenone provides extra muscle mass. Testosterone is the king among the steroids, it is a very popular means that causes a large increase in muscle mass and strength. Unfortunately, users can also experience many side effects.


Active Period

Testosteron base: < 24 hours

Testosteron propionate: 2 to 3 days

Testosteron enanthate: 15 to 16 days

Testosteron cypionate: 15 to 16 days

Sustanon: 21 days


Injectable solution in oil or water (base)


Testosteron base: 50 to 200 mg/day

Testosteron propionate: 50 to 200 mg/day

Testosteron enanthate: 250 to 1000 mg/week

Testosteron cypionate: 250 to 1000 mg/week

Sustanon: 250 to 1000 mg/week




Yes, high

Hoge bloodpressure


Damage Liver

Only at very high doses


Yes, high

DHT conversion

Yes, high

Subdr. hormone prod.

Yes, high


Operation of Testosterone

In the body testosterone partly converts to both DHT and estrogen. This estrogen causes an increase in glycogen storage and release of growth hormone, in addition the number of androgen receptors increases. DHT and testosterone increase muscle strength and mass through the androgen receptor. Unfortunately, the conversion to DHT and estrogen also causes the side effects associated with these substances. In estrogen, these include water retention and gynecomastia. At DHT this is enlargement of the prostate and loss of the head hair. Testosterone also causes an increase in muscle fibers and protects against muscle loss during cutting. In addition, it causes an increase of red blood cells, this ensures better endurance and better recovery after activity.

The estrogen-related side effects can be inhibited by inhibiting the conversion to estrogen or by blocking the estrogen receptor. The first is done by proviron, arimidex, aromasin or letrozole, proviron is preferred here because it also has a slightly androgenic effect and increases the amount of free testosterone in the body. In the second case, nolvadex can be used to block the estrogen receptor. The DHT-related side effects can be inhibited by inhibiting the conversion to DHT. This can be done with finasteride.


Injection Testosterone

This is by far the most common form of testosterone. An ester is added to the testosterone molecule to slow down its release, which means less need to inject. The best known examples are testosterone propionate and testosterone enanthate. See the table for the frequency of administration of the various forms of testosterone. It is also possible to inject pure testosterone (without ester), this is also the only form available as a solution in water.


Use of Testosterone

Testosterone can be used both for blowing and for cutting. It can only be taken or stacked with other products. Since testosterone is the strongest muscle builder available, only other products are added to reduce side effects, otherwise it is smarter to take more testosterone. In the case of a bulk cure, a long-acting version of testosterone (testosterone enanthate or cypionate) is often stacked with deca or boldenone. This treatment is often kicked with dianabol. A normal dose for long-acting testosterone is 250 to 750 mg per week. For a cut cure with long-acting products testosterone enanthate or testosterone cypionate is stacked with boldenone or primobolan.

The short-acting testosterone propionate is almost always used to cut but is equally suitable for bulking. It is often used for shorter courses because it has to be injected every 2 days and combined with other short-acting products. Practical experience shows that when using testosterone, you retain less fluid and fat propionate than with testosterone enanthate. A very popular cut cure is testosterone propionate with masteron propionate, trenbolone acetate and possibly winstrol. Other products to patch testosterone propionate during a cut cure are anavar and winstrol. Testosterone propionate is often injected every other day in an amount of 100 mg.

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