Primobolan 100mg/ml 10 x 1ml Ampullen Baltic Pharmaceuticals
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Primobolan 100mg/ml 10 x 1ml Ampullen Baltic Pharmaceuticals

Primobolan is a very popular and well-known anabolic steroid. Primobolan, like nandrolone, is often used as a basis in an anabolic cure with two or more steroids. Primobolan is very suitable for cutting because it does not aromatize to estrogen as opposed to nandrolone that does aromatize. Primobolan is for sale in tablet form and as an injectable, we recommend injecting Primobolan for the logical reason to circumvent the breakdown by the first passage of the liver. Of course you can inject several steroids in a primobolan course, then most bodybuilders opt for the oral version. Injectable primobolan has an enanthate ester and the primobolan in tablets have acetate ester, the enanthate ester in the injectables ensure that the release of the anabolic steroid is delivered slowly and gradually to the body with a long-acting effect of 2 weeks. The oral primobolan has a short-acting ester.

Primobolan (methenolone enanthate) is a mild injectable variant with little to no side effects. Really a top product for hard dry mass with little extraction of moisture. You also hold the won mass with primobolan for a very long time. Even women can use primobolan because it is not a strong male hormone.

Primobolan has many benefits that have to do with the non estrogenic side effects, with primobolan you only gain pure muscle mass, without moisture and fat. Primobolan is a fairly light anabolic steroid with a mild anabolic effect with minimal androgenic properties, therefore primobolan is known as a relatively safe and mild anabolic steroid.



Active Period

8 Days



Injectable solution in oil or water (base)



400 to 600 mg / week




Water retention


High bloodpressure


Damage to liver

Only at very high dose



DHT conversion


Subdr. hormone prod.


Primobolan can not aromatize, so the user will not retain moisture. In addition, it causes fat loss due to a slight, androgenic effect. This makes primobolan suitable for cut cures. It is claimed that primobolan build muscle mass because it has the same effect as nandrolone and boldenone. This is quite possible because the molecular structure of methenolone is almost the same as that of boldenone. Users claim that less mass is built up with primobolan. Because it has such a light, androgenic effect and androgenic side effects rarely occur, primobolan is a popular steroid for female athletes.

Primobolan should be taken twice a week in a dose of at least 400 to 600 mg per week. Primobolan is therefore a fairly expensive product to use, because you do a maximum of two weeks with a bottle. Primobolan is active in the body for 8 days. Results will occur after about 3 to 4 weeks.

Methenolone Enanthate is a long-acting injectable agent and therefore easy to use. A relatively high dose must be taken for results, at least 400 mg per week. Because the product is long-acting, it should preferably be taken in a long course. Primobolan has no significant, but noticeable, influence on the natural hormone production and therefore a cure must always be concluded with a follow-up of nolvadex or clomid. Primobolan is often used as an alternative to nandrolone or boldenone during a cut stack.
A primobolan cure with dianabol, deca durabolin, testosterone or boldenone is a nice cure to get a lot of muscle mass. If you want to cut, then a primobolan cure with Winstrol, trenbolone or drostanolone is a nice cure to achieve good results. A safe primobolan cure for beginners is the combination with Anavar to cut safely while maintaining muscle mass.

Side effects:
When primobolan is used, seed production will decrease, causing the testicles to temporarily shrink. Furthermore, it may cause an increase in body hair and slight masculinisation. Acne is rare. All in all, primobolan is a mild steroid.

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