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Well or Not Cure

You ended up on this website because you are considering going to cures or have already decided. Outsiders almost always say that steroids are very bad and dangerous, while bodybuilders who use them often say that it can not do any harm. However, the truth is much more subtle and differs per situation. The purpose of this page is to make you aware of a number of factors that can influence your choice of cures. Take these factors into consideration before making a choice.

Consider carefully why you want to cure. Do you want that extra push to become more muscular? Or do you want to be muscular because you think the world will treat you better? When you have the right motivation you get more results from your course. If you are cured for the wrong reasons, there is a chance that you give up on a small setback. On the other hand, positive reactions to the results of a course can make you dependent on steroids. A well-known psychological problem among bodybuilders is the Adonis Complex, where the athlete has a distorted self-image and has an insatiable need to gain more muscle mass.


Is it a good idea to start curing with your body and habits? Are you completely healthy or do you have a (chronic) illness? If you are not completely healthy, ask your doctor if your illness affects your course. Even more dangerous is when the course has a negative influence on your illness. What do you do on weekends? Do you use (a lot of) alcohol and / or other drugs? These have a negative effect on your course and can even be dangerous. Use of steroids is almost always bad for you, if you start with good health you can finish your course without problems and have your body repaired.
Training and Nutrition

It is often claimed that you can only start working with steroids after years because you would not be able to grow naturally afterwards. That is nonsense, when your body is recovered from the cure you can still grow well. The reason that you should not start with cures immediately has two reasons; First, you first need to gain experience with training and nutrition. When you know which training and diet your body responds best, your feather will get more results from your course. Second, your body must adapt to training and growing strength; your tendons are less likely to grow stronger than your muscles and a too rapid increase in strength can result in an injury.
Family / Environment

What do your family, friends and wife or girlfriend think of it? Are you going to tell them or are you trying to keep it hidden? Remember that people startle when they suddenly spray and find needles. Do they notice if you suddenly start growing faster?


In the Netherlands, the use of steroids is not punishable, but they can be confiscated. In gyms, an occasional test is taken when someone is suspected of doping, in case of a violation you can be expelled. In Belgium use is taken more seriously, here you can get a hefty fine for it. The police also enter sports schools to test athletes.

How do Anabolic Steroids work?

It is not yet 100% clear how steroids work, but
the following is the most accepted explanation, there are two different actions of anabolic steroids.
On the one hand there are steroids that bind to the androgen receptor (androgen receptor or AR) in the muscle cell,
after which they switch to the conversion of proteins. This synthesis increases the percentage of muscle tissue
in the body in a fairly short time.

On the other hand, there are steroids that bind a little or not at all to the AR.
These are thought to have an effect mainly because they ensure that
muscle tissue is not broken down because the body wants to extract glutamine (an amino acid) from the muscles.
To make it easy, there are also steroids that work in both ways ...
What is the difference between Pills and Injections?

Many people think that pills are much safer than injections.
This is not the case! To show the difference you need to know a bit more about what both do.
Oral steroids - which you take in - must enter the body through the liver.
The liver will, without modifications to the preparations, break down the steroids, after which you will have nothing more to them.
To prevent this, an alkyl is added to the steroids.

This addition ensures that more of the steroids survive the gait through the liver.
The problem, however, is that this addition to the steroids - which are now known as 17-AA steroids or
17 alpha alkylated steroids - causes them to affect the liver to a certain extent; they have become poisonous.
This does not have to be a big problem, but it is important to use it
of oral steroids as much as possible within the limits.
This problem does not occur

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