Anabolics general

Anabolic means

The anabolic means is a group of substances that promote muscle building.
This category includes especially the steroids, derivatives of the male sex hormone testosterone.
In addition, there are a number of substances that work muscle building, but are not anabolics.
These are some other anabolic substances. We will mainly focus on the steroids, because they are the most known.

What are anabolic agents
The total group of anabolic substances can be divided into two groups:
the androgenic anabolic steroids and other anabolic agents.
The androgenic anabolic steroids can be divided into two groups.
The first group is the endogenous or body-specific substances, such as the male sex hormone testosterone and
the derived epitestosterone and the associated metabolic products.

The second group consists of exogenous either anabolic androgenic steroids from outside,
for example, by tablets or injections into the body.
In addition, there are pro-hormones (precursors of testosterone) that can be converted into an active anabolic agent.
It can be made in the body, but can also be given in the form of a pill or injection.
Finally, there is a group of substances that belong to the other anabolic agents and of which clenbuterol is the most known.

Androgenic anabolic steroids
Androgenic anabolic steroids, abbreviated steroids, are derived from the male sex hormone testosterone.
Testosterone ensures the development of male secondary sex characteristics,
such as a heavy voice, beard growth, chest hair, development of the genitals, but also the male 'macho' behavior.

In addition, it stimulates the production of proteins in the muscles, making them bigger and stronger.
This is especially good in boys during puberty, because in that period the body makes more testosterone.
You can also see the masculinising (androgenic) and the muscle-building (anabolic) effect of testosterone in the anabolics.

How is testosterone made
Testosterone is a hormone that is made in men's testicles and in women in the ovaries.
Men make much more testosterone than women. a hormone is a substance that is produced by a gland in the body and
transported to organs via the blood to exert the effect.
The production of hormones is often regulated by other hormones.
If a lot of testosterone is made then the production is reduced again.

Chemical counterfeiting of testosterone
Since the forties of the last century you can synthesize the hormone testosterone synthetically.
By chemical treatment of the testosterone molecule, more powerful androgenic anabolic steroids with a longer duration of action were created.
Despite frantic efforts, it has not been possible to separate the masculinising (androgenic) and muscle-building (anabolic) effects. Because people often want muscle building, the androgenic effects are seen as unwanted side effects.

Each anabolic steroid therefore has both masculinising and muscle-building effects.
One should therefore actually speak of androgenic anabolic steroids.
However, popular anabolic steroids or steroids are talked about.
Anabolics are actually medicines. Well-known examples are nandrolone and stanozolol.

Why are they sometimes used in sports
In sport, anabolic agents are used because of the effects on muscle building.
This is especially true for sports where strength plays an important role.
Anabolics not only stimulate protein synthesis in the muscles, but they also prevent the breakdown of muscle protein.
This gives the user thicker and stronger muscles.

This effect occurs especially when there is intensive training and when the diet provides sufficient protein.
In addition, anabolic steroids also cause an increase in aggression, resulting in more 'eager' training.
You can become stronger and more muscular of steroids, but you often become more aggressive.

Do steroids also have side effects
However, steroids also have negative side effects.
For example, the use of steroids can lead to liver dysfunction, oily skin and acne, heart and heart
vascular diseases, dependence and psychological changes such as an increase in aggression and suspicion.
In addition, the use of steroids in men can lead to reduced fertility,
the shrinking of the testicles, female breast formation, persistent painful erections and prostate enlargement.

Women may have to deal with menstrual disorders and masculinising (androgenic) effects,
such as breast reduction, voice reduction, male body hair and clitoral growth.
Finally, the use of anabolic steroids by young people can lead to the premature cessation of growth.

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